Some of the Best Carpal Tunnel Braces

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The carpal tunnel is a space on the underside of the wrist, which houses various components such as the median nerve and several tendons. Compressing the components results in median nerve entrapment, which in turn results in numbness, pain and tingling which are the symptoms of the carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people genetically inherit the carpal tunnel syndrome and do not need any compression.

Many people experience wrist discomfort that they can easily minimize. Carpal tunnel braces keep the wrist relaxed and at a neutral position, thus minimizing the effects of the carpal tunnel syndrome. You could use a day wrist support to enhance various hand motions and night braces to stabilize the wrist during sleep. Use the list below to identify some of the best carpal tunnel braces for your specific needs as advised by FDA (

1. Yosoo Wrist Brace

A durable highly elastic, lightweight and Latex-free neoprene materials with a tried-and-proven high quality anatomical PU is certainly what anyone wants in a carpal tunnel brace. And the neoprene is breathable, making it ideal for night sleep and normal daytime usage. On the downside, this one is only available in black color. However, its cost of $8.49 should leave you with enough to take care of the paint job :-)

2. Bracoo Breathable Wrist Splint

Well, the double "oo" brands seem to be doing much to take care of our wrists. And Bracoo did such an amazing job in producing this two-in-one all-around support combo product for acute injuries, sprains and carpal tunnel syndrome. And yap, you can sleep with it. And it features an amazing price of just $18.25. Comfortable enough, isn't it?

3. Futuro Moderate Stabilizing Support

This one looks like the future, no pun intended. It is an adjustable, reversible carpal tunnel brace maximally optimized for comfort and ease. However, stores offer it at largely varying prices. However, the amount of comfort and support it delivers is constantly high.

4. Mueller SportCare Sprint Carpal Tunnel Brace

This one has its different variations to take care of discomfort at different times of the day. It has a night version, regular wrist brace and a reversible version for maximum wrist support. Surprisingly, it costs a few cents over $10.30 in most stores and delivers the support and comfort it claims!

5. IMAK SmartGlove Carpal Tunnel Brace

This one come in several variants, including a reversible version (worn on either wrists), a unisex version, night brace and more. People who have used the IMAK SmartGlove have reported improved comfort and no side effects at all, unlike many other carpal tunnel braces that have been reported to cause sprains. And this little darling comes at a pocket-comfortable price of just $22.99 to deliver comfort to your wrist.


Unlike all other braces, this particular one wraps only around the wrist, allowing full finger movement, making it naturally comfortable and lightweight. Most people say it feels -- and looks -- like a watch, thus its "heavy duty" label. All it requires from your pocket is $21.00 and the comfort is yours for life!


Doctors say prevention is the best cure. Indeed, if your carpel tunnel syndrome is not a genetically inherited one, chances are that you know what causes it. Such causative activities include typing, driving and most activities that leave your wrists hanging horizontally. Try to reduce the frequency of such activities.

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