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Snapchat is a video and image sharing app that has more than 166 million daily active users. This unique app which allows you to take selfies in your phone camera and edit them in innovative and unconventional ways have been lapped up by the youngsters for the fun and quirkiness it offers. To learn how to download snapchat on Pc, don’t forget to Visit our website so that you can enjoy chatting with your friends through clicks. Here, we will help you to download this app which is designed for mobile devices on your PC/laptop with the help of experts at

Snapchat stands out among the other photo and video sharing apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. because of the unique features and user-friendly interface. Another outstanding feature of this app which automatically deletes the sent images from the viewer’s phone after a pre-set time period – which is chosen by the sender – also makes it very popular. Come, let’s see how this is done.

We will check out some of the features of this app which won millions of hearts. This app scans through your contact list in the phone and creates a list of its own by including the names of people who have this app installed on their device. You can also add new friends who are using this app. It also helps you to find new friends in your vicinity who are using this app and add them to your friends list.

You can take snaps and share them instantly with your friends in the contact list. This has a great new feature which allows you to curate your own story through snaps, videos, etc. It is called ‘My Story’, and it chronologically records the pics and videos taken by you into a storyline and makes it accessible to your friends. Later newer functionalities were added like ‘Live Stories’ and ‘Discover’ to make your story even more compelling.

The premier feature of this social app is the fact that the photos will get automatically deleted from the viewer’s phone after a span of 1- 10 seconds. These images will be removed from the app’s server as well. So, unless the person who is viewing takes a screenshot of the image you send, your snap will have only a very short life. Snapchat is taking every step to ensure that it is difficult to take screenshots of the clicks received via this app; but, it is not impossible.

Now, let us move on to see how this app can be installed on your PC or laptop. It can be done in a few simple steps. 1. Open the web browser on your PC and download either BlueStack or Andyroid emulators. 2. Once it is downloaded, run it on your PC and then connect with your mobile phone. 3. Open the BlueStack or Andyroid and start searching for Snapchat in the search bar. 4. When you find it in the Play Store, install it in your PC. This application might need a camera and mike setting. 5. Now, you can start chatting.

Enjoy your chats with your friends!

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