Are Adjustable Dumbbells Right For You, Go Ahead And Find Out?

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Published Date Written by Catherine Molski

If you are looking for get adjustable dumbbells for you, it is important you do some research before you start shopping. Here is a research that was conducted for three months along with personal and panel testing. Some of the tests we undertook at include strength training and aerobics. The information is supported by

We also looked for instruction manual and a DVD training introduction for experienced lifters. Adjustable dumbbells come with a variety of weights and twist dial. Among all we gave importance to user friendliness. Of all the testing weights, we came to a conclusion that Bowflex Select Tech 552s is the best. Go ahead and read why.


With a testing group consisting of four men between the age group of 37 and 58 and four women in the age group of 36 to 43, they came out with the conclusion that Bowflex is the right one among the six models they had tested. It was decided that Bowflex 552s is not only sleek but comes with an ergonomic twist dials displaying weight increments. All that needs to be done is to twist the desired weight and lift it from the weight tray. It is ready for a workout. Moreover, each side can be adjusted separately give you the advantage of fine tuning the weight requirements in each hand.


The specialty of Bowflex is its ability to cope with fast paced workouts for endurance building and burning fat. It can also be used for standalone strengthening exercises. Moreover, it promotes greater flexibility depending on how you want to choose them. But if you are looking to avoid strength training and opt for conditioning then there are other equipments available.


Planning to move from fast paced strength exercise to condition workout then CrossFit or P90X is the right choice. You can also try StairMaster TwistLock Adjustable dumbbells. Twin dials comes with independent adjustment similar to Bowflex, but with StairMasters all you need to do twirl the barbell support in the up and down direction depending on how you would like to adjust the weight. In less than 2 seconds you can adjust between 5 to 50 pounds going to prove its simple functions.


Another advantage of StairMaster is that it allows to change the length as you reduce the weight. This goes to prove that it is uniform in its length like their traditional counterparts. It is suitable for people experience in weights. The adjustment can done quick. The demerit of StairMaster would bt that you cannot adjust each side independently because of the handle adjustment. Yet it is considered to be a worthwhile investment when it comes to usability.


For strength training it is best to opt for Ironmaster 45 Pound Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbells. It falls in the more weight category. It comes with a stand and 75 pound weight. It can be expanded upto 120 pounds for a single handle. The traditional look, metal construction and sleek design is an attraction. Though, it takes time to adjust as you have to screw in the pin locks as compared to dial picks that takes just 2 seconds. These are not suitable for conditioning workout but ideal for body building and stand alone exercise.


Over all it goes to prove that BowFlex is the most functional and preferred model when it comes to various types of strength training.

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