Different Types Of Personal Injury Damages

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Published Date Written by Catherine Molski


If you meet with any injuries by negligence of someone then you have the right to demand compensation for your injuries. The compensation amount varies from one case to another case and it is determined by your personal injury lawyer. Have you met with a motorcycle accident? To know your compensation amount you can contact a personal injury lawyer.


Most of the personal injury lawyers offer free consultation for their clients. You don’t want to pay any fee for the initial consultation and explain in detail about the incident that caused the injury to the attorney. There are two types of personal injury damages such as compensatory damages and another one is punitive damages.


Compensatory damages help to regain the victim physically, financially and mentally. It is further divided into two divisions and the first one is monetary loss that compensates the special damages caused to the victim and the second one is non-monetary loss.


The compensation should be paid for the monetary loss of the victim such as loss of income, present and future medical expenses, repair or replacing the property with a new one. If the accident caused permanent disability the entire lifestyle of the victim changes and the defendant needs to compensate the cost involved in these changes.


It is tough to calculate the non-monetary loss and the compensation is paid for the suffering and pain of the victim due to the accident. There will be emotional distress like fear, frustration, anger, loss of fun in life etc.


In Punitive damages type, there will be no compensation amount offered to the victim instead the defendant will be punished for injuring the victim so that it prevents other people to repeat the same mistake. This punishment is given to the defendant only when the defendant behavior is disgraceful. The jury orders the punitive damage only when the compensatory damage award is not given in a case.


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