A Look Into The Features Of MSI Gaming Laptops

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Published Date Written by Catherine Molski

A Look Into The Features Of MSI Gaming Laptops

The brand MSI is very popular among gaming enthusiasts. Now here we look into the features of the latest offerings from this company form the gamers’ perspective. $500 to $700 dollars is considered as the median price for an entry level gaming laptop. Here we look at the best gaming laptop under this price range from MSI. All the latest models from MSI stun the user with state of the art capabilities such as eye-tracking motion sensors, solid build, stunning aluminum finish, mechanical keyboards, ultra-fast processors, dedicated GPUs and pretty decent battery life considering all the specifications. However this brand lacks in customer support, warranty and a very limited range. All these drawbacks do not make it appeal to the average user however serious gaming enthusiasts have always considered MSI to the best brand under this price range.


One unique feature in MSI laptops is the presence of a mechanical keyboard. The absence of a regular old mechanical keyboard was one of the major reason hard core gamers have stayed away from laptops. But MSI has overcome this disadvantage by installing a mechanical keyboard in the G80 Titan series. Only if you are a regular gamer you will know the difference a mechanical keyboard can make to your gaming experience. No more fumbling with keys and accidentally pressing other keys. This is one major advantage MSI has to offer compared to other brands.


Another department the MSI scores over other brands is the looks department. MSI laptops have a stunning finish, solid casing and brilliant colors. The MSI Pro Dragon Edition has a stunning dragon with backlighting just like in Alienware making it win big in aesthetics.


Even with the limited range of models offered by MSI, it is worth checking out several models offered by MSI as they are designed exclusively for gaming without having to pay a huge price.


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