Different Types of Air Compressors In The Market

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Kinetic energy generated from the compressed air is used to achieve several functions in various fields. To know about various air compressors and the way they perform, do visit Great air compressors. This type of mechanism is used in variety of fields like manufacturing, every branch of engineering and plant operation.

Negative displacement air compressor and positive displacement air compressor are the two main categories of air compressors among the several air compressor types. There are few different types of positive displacement air compressors in which the air is compressed by lowering the chamber’s volume. Air is forced inside this chamber where the volume is lowered and hence the air is highly pressurized and delivered continuously at a fixed volume rate.


  • Piston type air compressor - This type of air compressor is similar to that of mechanism of a vehicle engine. In this air is pumped into the chamber using a piston which keeps moving constantly. The one way valve present in the piston delivers the air into the chamber for compression.

  • Rotary screw compressor - In this type of compressor a pocket is created by turning the two matching helical screws. The volume inside the chamber is decreased when the screw turns and thus the air which is inside this chamber is compressed. The air enters the chamber as the helical screws turn around each other.

  • Rotary vane compressors - This works with the mechanism of varied blade placement which has slots present in the rotor. The blades turn shorter and longer and this helps in compressing the air based on the specific blade the air reaches. The air enters the chamber with the guidance of the blade and the volume inside the chamber is also compressed.

Negative displacement air compressor

Centrifugal compressor is a type of negative displacement air compressor. This works under the mechanism of dynamic displacement. The spinning propeller produces the centrifugal force which is responsible for accelerating the air.


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