Dermmedica Kelowna Clinic Guarantees Firmer And Fuller Skin

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Published Date Written by Catherine Molski

Bid goodbye to wrinkles and fold with Juvederm. Get younger look skin and fuller lips with Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus XC. Juvederm is a non-invasive treatment procedure. These gels are created from natural materials that are available in our bodies called hyaluronic acid (HA). They create volume in the skin thereby giving a youthful appearance. These are safer than collagen and lasts longer. DermMedica Kelowna offers other Juvederm products that can treat facial volume loss, remove wrinkles, treatment for ear lobe creases and filler that can give fuller lips. The treatment is just around 20 minutes and is completely painless.

Fine tuning is needed to improve the lines and enhance the looks giving lasting improvement. The process is done using 0.3 cc syringes. In some cases, lip treatment liodcaine anesthetic is given just before the treatment commences. The desired locations are identified, and the syringe is injected. After the treatment, there may be some minor discomfort in the form of skin tenderness, redness, bumps, pain, swelling and bruises. This can fade up in about a week’s time. Getting prepared for the treatment is essential to reduce risks and complications. Medications and creams are provided to reduce any event of bruising. Also inform your physician of your medical history and medicine allergies to avoid any outbreak.

For the successful treatment of Juvederm, it is important to take special after treatment care. The gel that is inserted under the skin needs several hours to set. Hence, it is best to avoid any kind of facial massage as it can displace the gel. Ice is a common remedy to prevent burning sensation and bruises. After the treatment, you can enjoy a fuller and firmer skin for up to two years. For best results, a serious of injections is recommended. Follow up is essential to enhance the treatment results and remove any side effects if any persists.

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