How To Pick The Best Florist For Your Wedding?

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Published Date Written by Catherine Molski

Must have part of any wedding décor is flowers. From the centrepieces to the bridal bouquet to any extra decoration that might require flowers, a wedding is incomplete without some blooms. Therefore, after the venue has been reserved and the colour theme finalised it is time to find the right wedding florist for you. The primary research for a list of potential florists can be done online. Browsing through websites, Pinterest and Tumblr can really help hasten the process. Take a look at the Fleuriste Instagram page, and a simple go-through will show you their beautiful style. The same applies for any other florist you might wish to choose. Their social media feed is the best way to get a feel of their style and preferences.

A piece on advises that freelancing as a florist is one of the tricks to throwing a great party. We agree, learning to create hand tied bouquets is a must-have skill, but for a day as a special as your wedding only a seasoned florist should be hired. After you have decided your dress and your bridesmaids dress it is time to finalise the florist from the shortlist. For this, you need to prepare a list of questions. These queries will help you decide the best florist capable of first designing then creating and arranging a bouquet that suits your style and vision.

The first question to put forward is examples of work done in past weddings. Yes, social media platforms would have shown you pictures of the same, but it never backfires to see the actual portfolio. These will tell you the work they have done in real life. Ask for contacts of previous clients. Call customers for feedback. A past bride will be able to recommend to you the pros and cons of the florist better than anyone else.

Budget places a crucial role when it comes to every aspect of a wedding. The same applies to flowers. A good florist who is listening to your preferences will be able to create your vision even on a tighter budget. If the bouquet you wish for comes up to a higher sum, a professional will be capable of recommending alternate blooms. They will be able to present ideas that fit your financial limit. Ask for ideas that are within your budget from the florist. A florist who refuses to work with your limitations and calls for breaking the piggy bank is not a good option.

A dress rehearsal is crucial before the big day. It is when we actually practice beforehand that minor problems and issues crop up. No amount of preparation on paper can guarantee seamless wedding day without a practical application. This applies to the florist too. Ask the florist if they are ready to take part in a mock. By practicing beforehand simple problems like the centrepieces are too big for the table, the décor seems too pale in the photographs or any other issue with the bouquet will be clear. One can solve all these concerns so that the actual and main event is picture perfect and goes without a hitch.

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