Reasons To Change Your Furnace Filter Regularly

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Published Date Written by Catherine Molski

If your AC unit is freezing up or the heating unit in your house is switched on but not heating your home, then it's time to change the air filter. When faced with such issues, the first thing furnace replacement services ask is about how long ago was the furnace filter replaced. Experts at say that replacing the furnace filter contributes significantly to families having fewer instances of allergies due to poor air quality. Not only that but replacing a dirty furnace also helps with a reduction in electricity bills.

Here is a few more reason why you should change your furnace filter regularly.

Get more life out of your heating system

One of the most important things to do in maintaining a heating system is to replace filters regularly. Not replacing them is a major contributor to your system breaking down earlier than usual. The reason the furnace filters need to be changed is that when air passes through the filter, dirt gets collected. Over a period, the air cannot pass through them, and when air cannot go through, the system starts to overheat. That might cause damage to the motor. In case your unit is old, this might cause permanent damage to it, and you might have to buy a new one.
By replacing a filter regularly, you can avoid such headaches and also increase the life of your furnace.

Better air quality

A good air quality is paramount in a home, especially if someone in your home suffers from allergies. Especially in families that own pets, the air quality from a dirty filter can aggravate those allergies. By replacing the furnace filter, the contaminating agents in the air are trapped by the filter before it enters into your home thereby providing air free of allergens.

Improves energy efficiency

When the air filter is not clean, the motor in the furnace works much harder and hence consume more power. This increase in power consumption causes your electricity bills to shoot up. Regular replacement of furnace filters helps lower your bills and also becomes more energy efficient as the airflow through the filter is unhindered by contaminants or dirt.

Keeping the furnace clean

A filter keeps away all kinds of dust and grime from the system and helps to maintain the furnace clean. Over a period, the dirt accumulated in the filter and affect the system which may lead to repairs or even in worst cases replacement.

If you want your furnace system to last long without the hassles of repair, then the best way is to replace those filters regularly. The filters are a cost-effective way of maintaining your system and also get good air quality, with lowered power bill. When buying a filter look for a higher MERV range. The filtration is better with a high MERV. Apart from the regular filter change a tune up of the system once in a year will ensure your system is in good health. Also, the system should be inspected for fire hazards and thermostat calibration for adequate heating

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