This Is Why These Android Apps Are The Best In 2017

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Published Date Written by Catherine Molski

Research done recently showed that the growth of earnings from mobile applications had grown more than 900% in six-year duration from 2011 to 2017. By the time 2020 ends, the mobile app industry will be worth 100 Billion US Dollars all because the usage of mobile apps will see a continuous growth. To mark this monumental rise of the industry, we bring to you some of the best apps of this year like the gamers’ Best Android app - lucky patcher. We scoured create a list of apps that one just can’t do without this year.

One of the main uses of a mobile phone is chatting. It is believed that it will soon cross the main function of a mobile, talking on a call. So what is the best app on android for chatting? There were two unanimous winners Skype and Whatsapp. For non-Apple users, Skype is a good way of video chatting that is why it is in such demand. It is the easy way to keep in touch with friends, relatives and loved ones who are too far away. The platform is also frequently used by colleagues who work in different locations. Whatsapp Messenger has gained popularity as the go-to chat app on Android. The app lets one send photos, videos, make calls and send voice messages using the internet. Because the entire service is free, Whatsapp is really in demand. For hardcore app enthusiasts, Reddit's version of a chat app has been released on Android. We recommend it to people who love forums and are cool about chatting anonymously.

Social Apps have also seen a growth in the past few years LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter to name just a few. But the best app as per youngster in 2017 is Snapchat. Though older apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr have seen growth Snapchat is definitely the trend. Instagram has also seen an immense rise in popularity, originally launched as a platform for photographers to share their work it is now one of the major influential social apps. Each platform has its own specialties catering to the narcissistic tendency of the new age population.

Music is the soul of life. Without it no party is complete, and life is bland. So there is no surprise that apps that allow streaming of songs and music have seen major demand. For Android users, the original app was Google Play Music where one could upload the entire directory of music and listen to it anytime. But it has now been overpowered by apps like Shazam and Spotify. These apps allow a listener to stream music anywhere, anytime and from anyplace. Spotify is gained particular popularity with its feature to recognize a song by hearing the lyrics allowing the user to listen to new music without knowing the name.

These are just some of the apps that are slated as the best in their category. The list is actually endless like for reading books on Android, Amazon's Kindle is still the best app, but for reading magazines or publications, Readly is the way to go.

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