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When you visit http://www.shopjura.com/, you’ll be able to check out a Jura coffee machine price list to enable you to make a wise buying decision. You can also read reviews to help you find a product that meets your particular needs. These coffee machines promise to revolutionize your enjoyment of coffee, and there are many reasons why you should buy this brand. If you want to enjoy excellent coffee, a Jura coffee machine won't let you down. You can find an ideal coffee maker for your home or office, and it will feature innovative technology that makes brewing coffee an art rather than a task.


You can get a completely automatic machine that makes delicious cappuccinos and lattes and is easy to clean after use. One of these machines is the IMPRESSA C65, a real workhorse that can make refreshing coffee or espresso. This machine can produce drinks all day long and is useful in a high-traffic environment such as a restaurant. The beautiful thing about the machine is that it produces coffee that’s ready to drink in less than a minute. Even though this device is a bit pricey, it offers a quick return on investment when you compare the coffee it delivers with what you buy at coffee shops.

Jura WE8

If you love specialty coffee, we recommend the Jura WE8. It comes with a grinder, hot water function and milk frothing system. Its water tank can hold 101 ounces while its bean container can hold 17.6 ounces of coffee beans, which can make 25 delicious cups of coffee. You can make a coffee drink with a one-touch function, and you can enjoy specialties such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, and flat white. The TFT display makes it easy to brew coffee, even if you’re an inexperienced user.

Jura E80

This Jura coffee machine features 15-bar pressure with an intelligent water filter. It’s a user-friendly coffee maker that is designed to deliver optimum performance. It also features a dozen individually programmable coffee specialties, and a color display that is easy to follow. You can make coffee with eight different strengths, including straight coffee, cappuccino, espresso, ristretto, flat white, and latte macchiato among others. It also features an efficient grinder that offers precision grinding. You can use the machine with beans or pre-ground coffee. The coffee maker is available in black, and it will look stunning on your kitchen counter.

Jura Accessories

There’s more good news for lovers of Jura coffee machines because they can also buy various accessories. The list of items includes cup warmers, stainless steel vacuum milk containers, and milk frothers. And in case your machine breaks down, replacement parts are readily available. And if you’re unable to afford a brand new machine, you can shop for factory refurbished machines at a fraction of the price. You can find the perfect machine to serve your needs through reading reviews and finding out what customers are saying about their new coffee makers. Jura is a high-end brand that provides quality products, and you can expect your coffee maker to serve you well for years to come.

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