Top 5 best laptops below $ 1000

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Published Date Written by Catherine Molski


In these days’ markets, you are most likely to find a very cheap laptop with a buying price of as little as $200. There are also laptops costing less than $ 1000 but offers a corresponding high quality series of services including video editing. These are the top 5 best-branded laptops below $1000.

  1. Dell XPS #13 9360

If you are in the markets looking for a good laptop with a price of low than $1000, you should try to make a purchase of Dell XPS #13 9360 laptops which will offer you with all the services you might require from it. This laptop has a 13-inch screen which can view photos and videos of all resolutions.

Also, the branded laptop has a 4GB of RAM and a 7th generation Intel Core, i5, featuring a non-screen design. With all these features, the laptop is well affordable, acquiring it with only less than $ 1000.

  1. Microsoft Pro 4 laptop

You may have tried hard to look for a cheaper laptop with a magnificent design to buy, but all has been in vain. Don’t roam anymore. Instead, buy Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laptop which is a branded laptop below $ 1000 but ideal for you having a low price and a good technology modification. This laptop, designed for a tablet, is portable with an incredible power retention.

The laptop has 4GB of RAM, An Intel Core i5, and an SSD of 128 GB memory capacity. It is acquired at the cost of less than $ 1000, a low cost to afford.

  1. Dell Inspiron-13 7000 laptops

A good laptop will always offer you with maximum good services while using it. Therefore, it’s your decision to make the right choice while purchasing a laptop from the modern markets. For that case, Dell Inspiron 13 7000 laptops are determined the best in the modern with an incredible large memory capacity of 256 GB SSD and a RAM of 8 GB.

Also, it has a screen size of 13 inches accompanied with a low price of less than $ 1000, a low and affordable cost.

  1. Dell Inspiron-15 7559 laptop

Dell Inspiron-15 7559 is a branded laptop below $ 1000 but it's well designed to meet the modern use of laptops. This laptop comes with an Intel Core i7 and an 8GB RAM capacity. It also features a UHD screen of 15.6 inches and a 4 GB video RAM for a perfect screen resolution.

This laptop can also be multi-tasked, being a gaming and general use laptop. The laptop also provides you with video editing services.

  1. Acer Aspire #E-15 laptop

If you need a well affordable laptop with modern designs and a fast speed software, buy Acer Aspire E-15 for that purpose. This is because the laptop features a processor type, Intel Core i5, an 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD. It also features a 940 Mega Pixel graphics and pictures design. The laptop is affordable at a cost lower than $1000.


It’s therefore obvious that in the modern markets, you can purchase a powerful laptop at a cost lower than $ 1000. These laptops have features of high-speed microprocessors despite their low costs. The laptops below $ 1000 are also affordable and therefore works all around the world.

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