Features to look for when shopping for a gaming mouse

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Published Date Written by Catherine Molski

A good quality mouse is one thing that any gamer worth this salt shouldn’t skimp on. A good mouse not only makes your gaming experience so much better but also enables for much greater accuracy. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all gaming mouse; you have to do a lot of painstaking research in order to find one that’s perfect for you. Some things you have to consider include:

How do I grip the mouse?

Every gamer has their own way of gripping a mouse for maximum comfort. Game component manufacturers know this and therefore have designed mice for each type of grip meaning that you don’t have to adjust your style to fit the first one you see. Some types of mice based on grips include:

Palm grip mouse – These are designed for the vast majority of gamers that tend to rest their palm on the mouse and let their fingers naturally lie on the buttons. If you want such a mouse, it is advisable to get one that has rubber pads on either sides of the mouse for added grip and comfort.claw tip mouse – these are designed for people that rest their palms on the mouse and use finger tips to press the buttons. When going for this type, make sure it is designed with an inward facing thumb grip pad.Finger tip mouse – These are for users that use their finger tips with the rest of the hand floating over the mouse. Make sure that you get one that’s as light as possible and one that’s designed to also incorporate wrist and forearm movements

I’m I able to customize the functionality?

Any gamer will agree that the presence of customization software on a gaming mouse is of utmost importance. When looking at the features the software will provide, make sure the following is included:

Ability to customize the lighting on the mouse and various connected accessories.Ability to easily change button functionalities according to a specific game requirement.Ability to change pointer accuracy. This is very important for shooter games.Inbuilt memory to save settings so that you don’t have to do it every time you log on.

What kind of games is the mouse suited for?

You may either want a mouse thats suited for a specific genre or one that can be used for any kind of computer use. Some of the major types of mice in this genre include:

FPS/ TPS mice – these are designed to allow for easy weapon flipping, zooming and accurate shooting. More expensive models also allow you to change the DPI on the fly.MMO mice - These usually have buttons on the side in order to program in specific skills depending on a game being played.

Which hand do I use?

There are mice designed for the right handed, the left handed and the ambidextrous. Everyone at eSport Source suggest that you should go for a type that gives you maximum comfort when in use, some good suggestions being offered by Tech Radar http://www.techradar.com/news/computing-components/peripherals/best-gaming-mouse-top-5-gaming-mice-reviewed-1270941 . Ambidextrous mice are designed to be used with both the right and left hand. This can be good for certain games but at times, a lot of grip and accuracy can be lost.

There is such a wide selection of specialized gaming mice that any gamer will never need to settle for a sub-par accessory.

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